My rescue dog Molly. I am her emotional support person.

San Diego 2016 RWA National Conference

In Chicago for deep dish pizza. YUM!

It takes a village to write a book... here are a few of my writer friends who keep me accountable and on track. 

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Destin FL 2019 Deep Thinkers Retreat

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and a child of God. I like to laugh out loud, sing along to the radio in my car, and am addicted to planners (which I'm convince is why I don't get anything done). 

I am a tea drinker living in the coffee capital of the world

My fantasy football team name is Sparkles

I am a sports fan but never played any

I am the emotional support person for my rescue dog

My favorite city is Chicago

I've lived my whole life in the PNW except for six years we lived in Wyoming (my inspiration for the Southerton Seasons Series)

I consider myself an introverted extrovert

I love a good happily-ever after

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